My family and I went to Yosemite over the weekend, and for a variety of reasons we ended up taking two vehicles.

I arrived late on Friday evening, and we headed home at the same time on Saturday.

Yosemite is majestic, but also filled to the brim with humans and vehicles.

I usually try to get where I’m going as quickly as possible. I work the line of speeding, being annoyed with other drivers, especially those who drive in the passing lane too slowly, and the general anxiety of mild law breaking.

This is stressful, and usually there is a bit of anxiety built up by the time I reach my destination.

On the way home, I did an experiment. I drove at a comfortable pace, slower than I normally would.

You know what? Of the 4+ hour drive, I arrived 7 minutes later than if I had rushed.

Don’t rush.