Our priority is to get to know you and understand your problems.
It starts before I even see you.

That annoying paperwork that we have you fill out is important and is full of valuable information that lets me know what things we need to talk about when we first meet.  As we meet and discuss your problem there are questions that I ask everybody, and others that are specific to you depending on how the conversation goes.  Frequently, I will repeat your story back to you to make sure I understand. 

Next, I cater an exam specific to you. There are some standard procedures for everybody who has a neck or low back issue, but I will add special things depending on our conversation during your consult. If you have x-rays or mri I will look at these too. 

When you come in for your exam we gather all that data about your flexibility, strength, and how your tissue feels and responds. 

Then I take all of that information and make sense of it ALL. Not just some of it. Each piece needs to make sense. If it doesn’t, we need to figure out why. This is how we arrive at a complete and accurate diagnosis.

Once we have a complete and accurate diagnosis, we can outline a plan to best resolve it.

Then we can start treatment and make the changes you need to have a healthier and happier body.

Yesterday we went through this process for individual patients with knee, shoulder, neck and arm, hand, and lower back pain.

When you are sick and tired of the pain and a lack of understanding, come to say “hello,” and check out what makes us different.