Are you sprinting a marathon?

Healing from serious injuries takes patience. You will feel better quickly with treatment. You may not feel as good as you want if you have complicating problems. Things like arthritis, damaged cartilage, muscle tears, and previous surgeries can all limit your ability to acheive 100% recovery. If you want to play tennis 6 days [...]

How much suffering do you need before you get help?

Sometimes it is a lot, and some time it is not. When you have pain, it can be to reduce your pain. My job is to guide you through the process of your problem. That always means helping to figure out what your problem is. I appreciate that your problem is big enough for [...]


My family and I went to Yosemite over the weekend, and for a variety of reasons we ended up taking two vehicles. I arrived late on Friday evening, and we headed home at the same time on Saturday. Yosemite is majestic, but also filled to the brim with humans and vehicles. I usually try [...]

If it hurts, don’t do it.

This is rule 1️⃣ in our office. If you have a problem that’s is a big enough deal that you are seeking medical attention, you have to give it a chance to heal. A patient told me last week that he had pain while doing deadlifts, and the way to fix that is to do more [...]

Smoke or Carbon Monoxide?

Smoke detectors identify the presence of smoke. When smoke is detected, the alarm sounds. This is like an acute injury, like an ankle sprain. You do something, there is an immediate consequence.  An alarm sounds, and you need to do something. You need to clear out the smoke, so you open your windows and turn on [...]

Running form is important

Running can be healthy. Running with good form is a good idea. Making big changes to your running form while building up mileage and training for a half marathon is not. You have all the time in the world to train and run better. Take that time to learn the new form and gait [...]

Two types of rides to the airport

You take people to the airport because you should, or because you want to. What is the difference? Last night, I picked up my wife at the airport despite her being delayed and it being way past my curfew. I am happy to do it. I love her very much. Even this morning after [...]

Lessons learned from the ocean

Last week I went to the beach and did some bodyboarding. Two things happened.  It was great, I had a lot of fun, and am trying to figure out how to get more ocean time in my life. One time while getting crushed by a wave, my board came up and smacked [...]

Nobody understands your problem like we do.

Our priority is to get to know you and understand your problems. It starts before I even see you. That annoying paperwork that we have you fill out is important and is full of valuable information that lets me know what things we need to talk about when we first meet.  As we meet and [...]

Own who you are

Who you are is okay. It’s fine. You just have to own it. Are you “help move a couch guy?” Maybe you were, but maybe now you’re not. Part of my job as your doctor is to help you understand what is wrong with you and how you can deal with it. Sometimes, you [...]