This is rule 1️⃣ in our office.
If you have a problem that’s is a big enough deal that you are seeking medical attention, you have to give it a chance to heal.

A patient told me last week that he had pain while doing deadlifts, and the way to fix that is to do more deadlifts. This will make some people full on laugh, I mean LOL laugh, I mean ROTFL.

The sad and frustrating part of it is that this is not the first time I’ve heard that. Not only with deadlifting, but with many different movements and exercises.

Straight up, I want you to get better and back to your favorite things as quickly as possible.
You can’t get back to doing your favorite things if it hurts right now.
We can make progress that way, but it is a 2️⃣ steps forward, 1️⃣ step back scenario.
It is a recipe for frustration for both of us. You are frustrated because you are not getting better and don’t understand why, and I am frustrated because you are not getting better and I understand it is due to your own choices.

This is not a “no pain, no gain” situation.
This is not a “give up all your favorite things” and stop doing any activity situation.
This is a smart plan to get you out of pain as quickly and for as long as possible.

Are you concerned about the long term solution to your pain, or just concerned about your next workout?