Healing from serious injuries takes patience.

You will feel better quickly with treatment.

You may not feel as good as you want if you have complicating problems.

Things like arthritis, damaged cartilage, muscle tears, and previous surgeries can all limit your ability to acheive 100% recovery.

If you want to play tennis 6 days a week, and that is a bad idea for your shoulder I will tell you.

Understand that your choices are yours. I am looking out for your furture self.

If your goal is to play tennis for the next 5 years and some amount of pain is okay, fine.

If your goal is to play tennis for the next 25 years with as little wear and tear as possible, because you don’t want to end up as a shoulder replacement candidate in 10 years, we will have to modify the amount you play.

Your body is an amazing and can do incredible things, but there are consequences to all your activity and choices.

Some are good, some are bad, but there are always consequences.

We will get you as good as possible, and along the way both come to an understanding of what that is.